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Bachelor of Science in Hospitality 4.0 – Opportunities and Challenges

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality 4.0 – Opportunities and Challenges

Y has always been the hotest, second in the education system in Vietnam. It is considered a prestigious subject with great potential for future employment opportunities. How will Y will have the opportunity and challenge in how the industry 4.0 is booming as it is today.

“Hot” seems to be a transitory concept. As the society is constantly evolving and changing incessantly, the types of work have changed to meet the demands of life. If accounting, auditing, finance – banking … were the subjects that attracted strongly about 7 – 8 years ago, now actually “time out”.

However, medicine is still the industry “keep up”, because the demand for human health care is forever, even increasingly tended to increase. The current 4.0 technology revolution is booming all over the world with a strong impact on many areas. And Medicine is not out of the law. So what do you need to do to master this technology and get ahead in the future?

Opportunities for medical students

The essence of the 4.0 revolution is the transfer of labor from manual labor to manual labor. This has opened up great opportunities for the following industries: information technology, healthcare, processing industry, tourism, electronics …. Y, expanding employment opportunities after graduation until 2025.

Many opportunities for medical students in the modern era

In addition, the entry into the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) and the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is expected to generate 14 million jobs in the ASEAN region, of which Vietnam 1/6 of total human resources. There are a number of occupations in which workers are allowed to work in all countries in the region, but only skilled workers include: architects, engineers, dentists, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and travel…

It is possible that half of these occupations belong to the health sector. Therefore, the College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, Dental Technique is the right choice at this time to have a great opportunity to develop in the future.

There are many challenges too

In addition to these new opportunities, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 also pose challenges for many humanities to face especially for students in the medical field. Advanced Techniques, Smart Technology Applications will be applied in the treatment and care of patients. This requires students to study in the field of Pharmacy, Nursing or Testing Techniques … need to improve their knowledge of integration with modern medicine in the world.

At present, human resources in medicine are both weak and in both quantity and quality. Therefore, when choosing the school to study you also need to pay attention to find out that medical colleges have advanced training program, adhere to reality, applying the most advanced technology today. Especially schools focus on developing practical skills for students from the moment they sit in the lecture hall. There is no other school that is Khanh Hoa Medical College, one of the schools with modern equipment for learners, there are training programs of international standards.

General or Pharmaceutical, Nursing, etc. are all directly related to human life and health, so you need to be trained in specialized schools to get professional knowledge. practice

For further information, please contact: Khanh Hoa Medical College
Address: 84 Quang Trung, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa
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